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My name is Jayce Champagne, I am the owner and operator of A Touch of Decor. I am self taught designer. Thibodaux, Louisiana is a place I will always call home because this is where I was born and raised. I started crafting and wreathing around the age of 14 while standing along side my maw maw Kathy which was my father’s mother. She was a lady who very skilled when it came to making wreaths, decorating, and other crafts. I would go to her house often just to be in her presents to watch and learn tips along with skills from her while she crafted. I use to ask her all the Time maw maw could I make a wreath or create something while she was creating. But she would tell me no because she didn’t want me to waste her supplies or take up her time she needed to craft for her shows she was working on stuff for. One day I was at her house while she was at work and I went work in her shop where all her craft supplies was. I grabbed a wreath and some supplies and I began to make a beautiful wreath. When she came home from work I brought my wreath in her living room to show her what I had created and I have to say I put tears in her eyes. She was very proud of what I had made and I told her “maw maw I was able to create this because you allowed me to watch you craft. And after that day She and I worked on special items which we would both bring to craft shows. Unfortunately my freshman high school she passed away but I am very grateful to have had her in my life to teach me the creative side of my life.

A Touch of Decor was founded in March of 2018. I as the owner told myself in March of 2018 why don’t you start a business selling your products that you create. I began to think how do I start a business. Thankfully I had a real close friend of mine that I contacted and asked her to help me start my business. She suggested things that she knew that would help me. I took a lot of the thing she told me and put them into action and came up with my business along with name. I was still unsure how to start my business after taking her advice so I contacted her again and she suggested that I become a members of The Wreath Chateau and Damon’s Inner Circle which are both ran by Damon Oates. Well I looked into the two groups and began to study what the group had to offer to me. After studying the two groups I then grouped the two groups at the end of March once I started my business. I have learned so much from the wreathing community along with my coach Damon Oates. I also was blessed with a wonderful friend who also happens to be the inventor of the ProBow Regina Sellers to teach me how to make beautiful bows. When now that I have learned alot from these wonderful designers and coaches. I have grown to become a well known designer in the wreathing community. I am going to be a designer in Illinois next year at Crafters Convention. So this is how it all started for me and how A Touch of Decor came about. I hope to see A Touch of Decor to grow and build a foundation over the course of time.
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